Bengals to Show Their Stripes on HBO

Season Premier Aug. 6

Season Premier Aug. 6


If there was a Hard Knocks curse, I don’t believe in it. Teams appearing on the hit HBO show have a combined record of 57-55 in the season they appeared in the show. The Cincinnati Bengals have signed on for their second season of the show.

The show, now in its eighth season, follows draft picks and journeymen (a player who moves from one team to another in the offseason) as well as big-time position battles. After the Bengal’s first season on the show, they finished 10-6 losing in the wild card round of the playoffs.

The Kansas City Chiefs (2007) is a prime example of this so-called curse, but so many have overcame it. With players like Adam “Pacman” Jones (unless he pulls another Chris Brown), 3rd year starter Andy Dalton and journeyman James Harrison in the Bengals locker room, we are in for a good show. I’m predicting the Bengals will makes the playoffs and advance. A Super Bowl appearance may be overreaching here but another step closer with or without a supposed curse.

This 5-episode season is set to start on August 6.


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