The Good and Bad of Cleveland Cavalier’s Draft Picks

NBA 2013 Draft


Ranking the Cavalier’s 2013 draft class was not an easy task. I was shocked to hear Anthony Bennett’s name called first; thinking the Cavs would take the best available player as barter for other teams to offer big time trades.

Bennett was an All-American at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) this past season leading them to a few big wins. The Cavs get a piece of the puzzle with Bennett but they’re in desperate need of a big man. With guys out there like Cody Zeller Alex Len and Nerlens Noel I think that the Cavs reached a little on Bennett.

It’s even possible that Bennett could have been around for the Cav’s 19th pick with the way this years draft went. Shooting was the next necessity and they didn’t fuck up here. They picked up Russian shooter, Sergey Karasev, former Cal Bear’s star forward Allen Crabbe and Arizonan State’s Carrick Felix; all shooting guards.

Some think that Karasev will play some 3, but can he really hold up in the league at 165 lbs? Doubt it. A wondrous miracle would have to take place. Not to mention how many overseaers (I invented that word) have crossed the pond just to fall flat on their faces. With the remainder of the off-season, look for the Cavs to try to acquire a low-key presence and add some veterans to this very young roster.

Tim’s Overall Draft Grade: B


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