A Day Full of Music for The Cade & Katelyn Fund

Dancing to Johnny Thief & the Kleptones

Dancing to Johnny Thief & the Kleptones


The fifth consecutive benefit concert for The Cade & Katelyn Fund was a huge success at The Beverage Source in Newark last night. A handful of generous sponsors and patrons led to an entertaining night with proceeds going to The Ohio State University Research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Always fashionably late, I missed seeing Hollywood play. The Sunshine Room was awesome and it was a MUST that I finally see Johnny Thief & the Kleptones. The Kleptones’ guitarist, Pat Painter, “taught” me guitar when I was in high school. Quotation marks are needed for “taught,” because while he’s an incredible instructor, my diligent two days a week of practicing were not nearly enough to become as good as I wanted to be. And yes, he warned me of that.

I went back to Martin Music last year and have since forced him to learn all the British pop music I could make him learn. He loves it! Really! OK, at least we can agree that Prince’s Purple Rain is one of the greatest 8 minute long songs ever. Purple Rain was played twice last night. If that song can’t bring in more donations, then you’re totally fucked.

Reptile Smile closed out the benefit where the biggest star of the night was seen grabbing her crotch, encouraging audience members to dance and making everyone laugh and/or feel uncomfortable…

One final shout out goes to the food trucks last night, especially Mai Chau Truck. Spring rolls were the bomb.