3 Reasons Ohio State Will Kick Ass This Season

Miller Time!

Braxton Miller


As we count down the final days before Ohio State’s first victory of the year, I’ve compiled 3 reasons the Buckeyes are sure to have a winning season.

1. Braxton Miller

The quarterback now knows Urban Meyer’s system and has really improved footwork since last season. Expect big numbers from the third-year starter as he goes for the Heisman again this year.

2. Urban Meyer

After a perfect 12-0 mark last year, Meyer has his team ranked number 2 in AP’s latest poll. The Buckeyes had their fair share of bullshit during this off-season, but the new Twitter user took it in stride handling each issue in his own ballsy manner.

3. No Bowl Ban

Although it’s clear who would’ve come out on top, the Buckeyes weren’t able to test themselves in the post-season last year because of the bowl ban. This year, that is all behind them. As The Notorious B.I.G. said, “The Sky’s the Limit.”

Yes! I knew I’d be able to reference a Biggie song on The Troof at least one time.


Bar Brawls in Buckeye Nation

The Urban Meyer advice. *photo from Uwire

Urban Meyer mid-thought *photo from Uwire


UPDATE 7/24 1PM: Yahoo! Sports reports that “footage from a Columbus nightclub appears to clear Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde.” The story continues, “From the video, it doesn’t appear Hyde ever made contact with the woman – either before or after she struck him.”

Trouble never seems to leave the Buckeyes lately. Two important players have disappointed Buckeye Nation.

Coach Urban Meyer suspended Carlos Hyde yesterday.  The running back is a person of interest in an assault case that took place Saturday morning at a bar on S. Front St. The alleged victim is said to be the daughter of a Westerville police officer.

If Hyde wasn’t shameful enough, Bradley Roby was also involved in a bar brawl. Roby is probably the second most exciting player on the team next to Braxton Miller. Roby allegedly hit a bouncer in the chest for not allowing him to reenter the bar after having been kicked out earlier that night. The Bloomington police report states that Roby had, “attempted to start a fight with another patron. He was removed from the bar by the bar staff.”

What the fuck where you guys thinking? You had it all! Both possible first-round draft picks throwing (or punching) away their future. We’ve dealt with Hyde’s scenario last year when Newark native, Storm Klein, was removed from the team for an altercation involving a TV and someone he shouldn’t have had his hands on. Storm was eventually let back on the team. Charges were dropped. For the sake of this season, let’s hope this asshole has the same luck.

Newark native, Storm Klein.

Newark native, Storm Klein *photo from Buckeye Empire

If not, we can put our faith in 5th year senior running back, Jordan Hill. He has the speed, talent and veteran-ism (this is a word now) it takes to get the job done.

Look for severe punishment for Roby, especially if any more details of his wild night in Bloomington are uncovered. Urban Meyer wants to look like a hardass when handling players and their mishaps, and he will . Unfortunately, Roby is not as easy to be replaced as Hyde will be. I can see him being unavailable for the first few games but not off the team.