A Day Full of Music for The Cade & Katelyn Fund

Dancing to Johnny Thief & the Kleptones

Dancing to Johnny Thief & the Kleptones


The fifth consecutive benefit concert for The Cade & Katelyn Fund was a huge success at The Beverage Source in Newark last night. A handful of generous sponsors and patrons led to an entertaining night with proceeds going to The Ohio State University Research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Always fashionably late, I missed seeing Hollywood play. The Sunshine Room was awesome and it was a MUST that I finally see Johnny Thief & the Kleptones. The Kleptones’ guitarist, Pat Painter, “taught” me guitar when I was in high school. Quotation marks are needed for “taught,” because while he’s an incredible instructor, my diligent two days a week of practicing were not nearly enough to become as good as I wanted to be. And yes, he warned me of that.

I went back to Martin Music last year and have since forced him to learn all the British pop music I could make him learn. He loves it! Really! OK, at least we can agree that Prince’s Purple Rain is one of the greatest 8 minute long songs ever. Purple Rain was played twice last night. If that song can’t bring in more donations, then you’re totally fucked.

Reptile Smile closed out the benefit where the biggest star of the night was seen grabbing her crotch, encouraging audience members to dance and making everyone laugh and/or feel uncomfortable…

One final shout out goes to the food trucks last night, especially Mai Chau Truck. Spring rolls were the bomb.


Bar Brawls in Buckeye Nation

The Urban Meyer advice. *photo from Uwire

Urban Meyer mid-thought *photo from Uwire


UPDATE 7/24 1PM: Yahoo! Sports reports that “footage from a Columbus nightclub appears to clear Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde.” The story continues, “From the video, it doesn’t appear Hyde ever made contact with the woman – either before or after she struck him.”

Trouble never seems to leave the Buckeyes lately. Two important players have disappointed Buckeye Nation.

Coach Urban Meyer suspended Carlos Hyde yesterday.  The running back is a person of interest in an assault case that took place Saturday morning at a bar on S. Front St. The alleged victim is said to be the daughter of a Westerville police officer.

If Hyde wasn’t shameful enough, Bradley Roby was also involved in a bar brawl. Roby is probably the second most exciting player on the team next to Braxton Miller. Roby allegedly hit a bouncer in the chest for not allowing him to reenter the bar after having been kicked out earlier that night. The Bloomington police report states that Roby had, “attempted to start a fight with another patron. He was removed from the bar by the bar staff.”

What the fuck where you guys thinking? You had it all! Both possible first-round draft picks throwing (or punching) away their future. We’ve dealt with Hyde’s scenario last year when Newark native, Storm Klein, was removed from the team for an altercation involving a TV and someone he shouldn’t have had his hands on. Storm was eventually let back on the team. Charges were dropped. For the sake of this season, let’s hope this asshole has the same luck.

Newark native, Storm Klein.

Newark native, Storm Klein *photo from Buckeye Empire

If not, we can put our faith in 5th year senior running back, Jordan Hill. He has the speed, talent and veteran-ism (this is a word now) it takes to get the job done.

Look for severe punishment for Roby, especially if any more details of his wild night in Bloomington are uncovered. Urban Meyer wants to look like a hardass when handling players and their mishaps, and he will . Unfortunately, Roby is not as easy to be replaced as Hyde will be. I can see him being unavailable for the first few games but not off the team.

Meet Mojoflo: Old-School Soul with Modern Flair

Meet Mojoflo, looking really official. *taken from their photo shoot on FB

Mojoflo, looking really official. *taken from their photo shoot on FB


Mojoflo is one of central Ohio’s most exciting bands. Judging from their Facebook pictures alone, you can see Mojoflo is no joke, with an electrifying stage show and powerhouse vocals.

I spent this rainy afternoon listening to their horn-fueled, Funk/R&B songs. The Waiting EP contains nothing but greatness. The cool keys and simple yet effective lyrics on Wanna Be Wit U is a great place to start if you’ve yet to hear of the Columbus band. Home to You has a groovy bass and old-school fast-paced drum pattern reminiscent of classic James Brown tracks.

Singer, Amber Knicole, is a diva! Beyonce's wild step-sister.

Singer, Amber Knicole, is a diva! Beyonce’s wild step-sister.

The band took the stage last night as a part of the All Good Festival 2013 in Thornville and is performing today at Columbus’ Jazz & Rib Fest. If you’ve missed these chances to see them live, don’t miss them next Friday, July 26, at Cleveland’s Rock City Festival.

Listen to their most recent single, Right On (Back Around).

Can we agree?

The Greats


For a refresher on my feelings toward Lebron and Lebron haters, click here.

Cincy Band Touring Nonstop While Finishing Sophomore Record

Cincinnati's Walk the Moon

Cincinnati’s Walk the Moon


If you’re from Ohio and not a fan of Walk the Moon, go fuck yourself. Just kidding… all individual tastes and opinions are welcomed on The Troof, but please remember that our opinions are the right opinions.

Cincinnati natives, Walk the Moon, have garnered major success and acclaim from the blogosphere and Top 40 radio in the past two years. You’ve probably heard their smash, Anna Sun on alternative and pop radio all last year whereas my personal favorite Tightrope was featured in the recent HP Envy 4 Ultrabook commercial.

The band’s magnetic pop-tinged rock is oozing with personality. While they finish up recording for their sophomore effort on RCA Records, take a listen to their Tightrope EP or catch them on tour at one of the kazillion stops they’ll be making this year.

The foursome will bring their show to Cincinnati’s Bunbury Music Festival July 12 alongside Fun., Tegan and Sara and another favorite Ohio band doing major things, Red Wanting Blue. I’ve STILL not seen Red Wanting Blue in concert but their most recent album is golden. Check it out here .

Walk the Moon will play The LC (Columbus) August 30 and House of Blues (Cleveland) September 9.

The Good and Bad of Cleveland Cavalier’s Draft Picks

NBA 2013 Draft


Ranking the Cavalier’s 2013 draft class was not an easy task. I was shocked to hear Anthony Bennett’s name called first; thinking the Cavs would take the best available player as barter for other teams to offer big time trades.

Bennett was an All-American at UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) this past season leading them to a few big wins. The Cavs get a piece of the puzzle with Bennett but they’re in desperate need of a big man. With guys out there like Cody Zeller Alex Len and Nerlens Noel I think that the Cavs reached a little on Bennett.

It’s even possible that Bennett could have been around for the Cav’s 19th pick with the way this years draft went. Shooting was the next necessity and they didn’t fuck up here. They picked up Russian shooter, Sergey Karasev, former Cal Bear’s star forward Allen Crabbe and Arizonan State’s Carrick Felix; all shooting guards.

Some think that Karasev will play some 3, but can he really hold up in the league at 165 lbs? Doubt it. A wondrous miracle would have to take place. Not to mention how many overseaers (I invented that word) have crossed the pond just to fall flat on their faces. With the remainder of the off-season, look for the Cavs to try to acquire a low-key presence and add some veterans to this very young roster.

Tim’s Overall Draft Grade: B